Safiya Syed, born and raised in Bahrain is a 15-year-old girl (2022) who wrote this book in the year 2020 (October) during the Covid pandemic. She is presently studying in The New Indian School, grade 11 (2022).

Her passion for writing and researching various topics is enormous. Her first book “Modesty – A Gift to Humanity” is a sum of her experiences in her beginning teenage where she obtains certain valuable lessons. After many days of study and research on the topic, she finally understands that this is something the young generation needs for a smooth, positive and dignified life. Wanting to outstretch her views and opinions, she begins authoring this book targeting the youth.

Her parents, mentors, and well-wishers played a major role during this period by helping, supporting, and encouraging her in all possible ways by which this book took its entire form (Alhamdulillah).

Her future aim is to become a Shari’ah lawyer in the Islamic banking and finance sector (Insha Allah).

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